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Paraffin Pedicure


V.I.P Pedicure


Volcano Pedicure




Gold spa is the symbol for wealth, well-being, strength and warmth, more than 4000 years ago, the Egyptian knew already of the positive effect of the treasured precious metal on body, and soul. Golden Mystique offers a truly unique luxurious and relaxing spa experience. This six-step pedicure is the definition of self-indulgence. We will soak your feet with golden soak powder to revitalize the skin and soften the cuticles and calluses. Next, we will exfoliate your feet with a golden sugar scrub, and work on your hard callus for the heels and feet. Followed will be Paraffin Wax for extra moisture and hydration for a “baby feet”. Golden masque will be massaged with Hot Stone. Your feet will be rejuvenated after you get the full treatment of the Golden Mystique.

Collagen Organic Pedicure


Gel polish w/Service                  Extra $20

Toe~polish                                           $20

Toe Gel~polish                                    $38

Toe Cut Only                               $15 & up

French Nails                               Extra $10 & up

Foot Paraffin Wax                              Extra $15

Add Acrylic on Toes                Extra $10/each

Refill Acrylic on Toes                 Extra $8/each

Extra Massage               $2/min.

Hot lotion + hot oil, finish with Hot towel wrapped to boost up the pain relief process